Best Practices in Email Marketing

Even with the phenomenal rise of social media and other communication platforms, the email continues to be the most reliable means to reach a customer these days. How email marketing would fare for a business, however, greatly depends on how well organizations design it to be responsive to their target market’s needs. Below are some […]

Better Ways to Do Email Marketing

When you commit to doing email marketing right, you are bound to reap its rewards. After all, email remains at the core of most marketing practices in the world of business today. Here are some of the better ways to reach out to your customers through their inbox. Personalize. Make sure the email looks as […]

Email Marketing 101: How to Not Land in the Spam Folder

In email marketing, one of the goals is to be able to keep sending emails, without them landing in the spam folder. To avoid being tagged as a spammer, here are some pointers to keep in mind: Try to secure permission to send emails. ISPs have become much more sophisticated when it comes to detecting […]

3 Good Practices in Website Development and Maintenance

Your company website remains the most valuable digital marketing asset of your organization. To make sure that it stays useful to your business goals, it is important to take note of website development and maintenance principles that address the changing demands of today’s business landscape. Here are some good practices to adopt, and elements to […]

Doing Social Media Optimization Right

Soon after creating accounts on today’s different social networking platforms, many community managers learn that social media marketing is, in fact, a wild beast. They wonder why their engagement is low, why their strategies are not generating the expected ROI. Here are some tips to help you do social media optimization (SMO) right. Always use […]