GBX Digital Gives to the Following Charities:

GBX Digital ensures engagement with the greater community through its involvement with charities that promote welfare, health, education and safety. Through its dedicated corporate social responsibility program, the company channels a percentage of its resources towards the promotion of these organizations and their goals.

GBX Digital has chosen three charities engaged in social and medical work in the United States, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Through partnering with these organizations, GBX Digital is engaging in work towards keeping children safe and giving them hope for a better future; preventing human trafficking; and working to lessen the number of people that die due to cancer each year.

The Trafficking Hope Campaign, which began in 2007, aims to fight against the horror of human trafficking. One of its main goals is to see its C.A.R.E.S. initiative expand throughout the United States.

The acronym stands for Coalition, Awareness, Rescue, Education and Services – all things provided by the organization and its partner institutions towards the goal of abolishing human trafficking and helping reintegrate those it has affected back into society.

Trafficking Hope’s coalition partners include: local government, civic groups, churches, ethnic/immigrant groups, women’s organizations, labor organizations, immigration organizations, community health providers, faith-based organizations and other non-profits, social service organizations.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Tuloy Foundation provides refuge and a home for street children. They are provided with food, shelter, clothing, guidance, companionship and education. They are equipped with the necessary skills they would need in order to forge a path to their own future, and a new life for themselves.

Lastly, Cancer Research UK envisions not only dropping the mortality rate of cancer but completely eradicating the disease. The organization’s mission is to accelerate the progress towards this goal via funding and supporting excellent medical research, as well as doing its best to influence policy and empowering the public with knowledge and information to ensure that all finding are adopted into practice.