Looking for strategy? You found it.

At GBX Digital, we are as passionate about analyzing and strategizing as we are about executing and obtaining results for our clients. All good things come from proper planning and we follow the 7 Ps principal. We review the client’s goals and carefully explain the right path for success. One crucial difference between GBX Digital and its competitors, we service with an intelligent sophistication and thorough understanding of your situation.

GBX Digital : Strategy For Success


  • Platform Result Analysis
  • Recognize Challenges & Identify Goals
  • Evaluate Reputation Campaign Strategies against Objectives


  • Develop Customized Solutions for Client
  • Ensure Offline/Online Reputation Campaigns are Synchronized
  • Target Key Areas of Strength for Leveraging Opportunities


  • Implement Integrative Suppression Strategies
  • Deliver Content and Links to Maintain Downward Movement of Negatives
  • Deliver Third Party Traffic to Client’s Platform for Interaction with Profiles


  • Analyze Current Negative Postings Against Goals and Objectives
  • Identify Strengths and Weakness Then Refine Strategies
  • Develop New Strategies that Complement Current Algorithm Adjustments

Controlling the search landscape

1. Establish and strengthen your message. Our platform will contain an aligned, yet sufficiently unique set of brand messages. The messaging will coincide with your established corporate message and will highlight your company’s strengths. This will expand and solidify your online brand.

2. Positioning is key. To increase validity with your clients and target audiences, it’s important to place and optimize your message in vital, higher authority content, media and social networks. Top search engine rankings can be achieved when high authority content, media, and social networks are properly optimized. This facilitates easier engagement between you and your target audience. By creating optimized platforms, we give you the opportunity to take the lead in shaping and controlling your online reputation. You dictate how you want the online community to perceive you.

3. Creating strategic link baits in external platforms has the power to increase traffic. We implement sophisticated SEO techniques within each Reputation Management campaign in order to make this happen. In both the content and other sections of our internal platform, we include relevant, strategic outbound links to drive traffic to your main website and other online platforms. These links help to strengthen the rankings of your platforms and further solidify your presence online.

Google suggest reputation management

When performing a search, Google’s Suggest feature can be a double-edged sword – both helpful and harmful – depending on the results it returns. Targeting this particular tool and re-calibrating it to one’s advantage requires a dedicated strategic plan and the proper technological backing. At GBX Digital, we know how to get control of your online reputation. More often than not search results are inaccurate, absolutely wrong or paint an inglorious distorted picture that needs refinement. We put the paint brush back into your hands and give you control over the large canvas of unwieldy online news. Our services will deeply analyze your current situation and prepare a detailed plan of action that will deliver you to your future goal. No longer do you have to hide in your shell because you are embarrassed about your search results or images online. Call GBX Digital to help you obtain the online press control that you desire. It is a well known fact that good press delivers more opportunities and success so why wait, enable us to help improve your confidence today.

The goal of the campaign is to take less desirable search terms and replace them with more positive search terms, how? The dual knock out punch of Content and Searches.

1) Content
During a Reputation Management campaign, we both create and identify already existing viable content with the aim of establishing a positive image online for our clientele. All content are relevant and campaign specific to ensure that your online reputation is safeguarded and that your brand position on the web will flourish.
2) Searches
Targeting searches supports the campaign’s ultimate goal. We at GBX Digital employ methods that deploy sophisticated-smart targeting approaches to accomplish the clients’ end goal.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it ”– Benjamin Franklin

Who We Are

GBX Digital employs tactical, talented and sought after Internet engineers, corporate marketers, SEO strategists, copywriters, award-winning designers, social marketing gurus, communications consultants, programmers and search strategists from around the world to control the online image of any brand. We give our clients’ campaigns heavily detailed and communicative services. Our team is experienced at engineering online reputation campaigns for hedge funds, portfolio managers, celebrities, politicians, and athletes, growing quickly into the premier industry leading full-service global reputation management firm.

Why Were the Industry Leader:

-Results Focused
-Time-tested Methodology
-Research Lab Dedicated to Reverse Engineer Online Variables
-Fierce Commitment to Improving your Image
-Creators and Visionaries of Best in Class Technology
-Commitment to Constant Innovation