Must have reliability

In today’s business climate, every organization must be equipped with high-performance servers to support its operations. This, in turn, requires superior and reliable server management service that addresses the full range of the company’s computing, database, communication, and network needs.

At GBX Digital, that is exactly what we provide. Below are the components of our offering, delivered by our top-tier team of system administrators.

Proprietary cybersecurity measures

Cyber Security is our priority. We want to protect servers under our management from malware attacks, viruses, distributed denial of service, data breach attempts, among other security threats. For this, we utilize a proprietary data and memory protection system, and conduct regular security updating and patching.

Round-the-clock network interface traffic monitoring

We know that businesses want the closest to 100% server uptime. Because of this, we perform around-the-clock monitoring of network interface traffic, and analyze how much the load impacts on the server performance.

Advanced hardware monitoring

We have devised a system for meticulously checking the physical conditions of the server’s components – from the protective covers down to the semiconductors of our processors and disks. Our hardware monitoring looks at such factors as temperature and power consumption levels, and will promptly alert our team in case of overheating or power supply interruption.

Capacity planning

Towards maximum uptime, server disk utilization must be strictly monitored, and the capacity, efficiently allocated. With our proper inventory planning, CPU, memory, and Disk Input/Output are made available right when they are needed.

Customer support.

Finally, our support infrastructure features a tracking solution that provides reports on the performance of our clients’ multiple applications.You may contact our system administrators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we guarantee a response time of 10 minutes. Always, our goal is to make sure that your concern is addressed both swiftly and competently.

Through GBX Digital’s brand of responsive server management, your business organization can ensure the optimal use of all components of its IT infrastructure, prevent data management issues, and promote the seamless integration of your applications across all environments.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can address your server management needs.