Just lost a client due to a bad or no online reputation?

Is there anything more painful and embarrassing than losing a potential client just because of something as preventable as maligning content about you or your company? The fact is, your online reputation counts much more than you know, and companies with good online content tend to drum up twice as much business as those without.

Today, you are defined by what appears about you or your business online. Millions of dollars are lost each day because of false, incorrect, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a news site, various associations, blog sites, images, people search sites, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

It is imperative that you have control of your online reputation. It’s the face you present to the world. Potential clients and business partners will want to learn as much about you as possible before signing a contract, and future employees will want to know they are in good hands with your organization. The way you and your company is perceived depends in part on your online reputation. When people ‘Google’ you, will they like what they see?

The good news is that GBX Digital Internet Reputation management can resolve your issues.

The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) provided by Google through its search algorithm affects not only your image online but also how people perceive you in your actual, day-to-day life. When you know you have a system in place to monitor and control what is being said about you on the Internet, the more comfortable and at ease you will feel at social gatherings, business meetings, and even with family. The welfare of your reputation is inherently linked with the value perception of your company. Reputation Management ensures that your company is positioned properly and that your brand message gets across. When you seed positive press in prominent places online, it builds authority over time and creates a platform with which you can further the reach of your brand. We at GBX Digital deliver results via providing sophisticated and elegant media tools and through the use of proven PR and SEO techniques.

Key Methods Include:

›› Suppression of Negatives
›› Reactive and Proactive Campaigns
›› Keyword Search Results Control
›› Website Post Removal
›› Powerful Back-Linking to our network of Syndicated Websites
›› Creation of Platform with Fire-Wall

Our experience and research provides us with the basis to develop and continually improve our proprietary toolset and reputation platform technology. These technologies enable us to leverage and influence search engine results and social media portals. The Solution Key Methods Internet Reputation Management

The Solution

Platform Creation

Platform creation is pivotal. It must contain unique and directed content. GBX Digital is unmatched when it comes to designing, planning and successfully building a fortress around your name and brand:

Your Platform includes…

›› Online Bios – Both personal & business related content approved by you and for you with the aim to get your message across. These online bios are then seeded on social media sites and platforms like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Plaxo, White Pages, Bebo, Plurk, Xing, Ryze, Yelp, etc.

›› Rich Media Content – Images, Photos, Videos, etc. These items can be utilized on sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Flickr, Picasa, etc. to provide improved and more relevant search results. The larger the rich content footprint the greater the chances for traffic, visitors and ranking.

›› Press – Both existing press (e.g., Bloomberg, Huff Post, M&A Journal, Forbes, etc.) and new press can be highlighted on syndication sites site PRlog.org, pr.com, Marketwire or PRWeb to increase your online audience and maximize your reach.