Customer Reviews are the Future of Marketing

Everyone knows that customer feedback is important to gather but what some business owners don’t know is how that information should be displayed or that past customers can be one of the most important marketing tools that you’re not utilizing.  GBX Digital and Verified Reviews can help your business to collect and display reviews and […]


Protecting Against the Threat of Ransomware

2019 saw a rapid rise in ransomware incidents that have taken down institutions from different industries both in the public and private sector the world over. Three major web hosting firms have fallen prey to ransomware. In September, reported that a wave of ransomware attacks have infected at least 80 state and local government […]

Website Development: Incorporating Art in Web Design

In website design, and in managing any digital marketing platform, the goal of a business should be to offer something original and distinct to their target market. One way to achieve this is by being deliberate in incorporating art in website development. Here are some artistic ideas to consider when designing a company website: Go […]

Website Development: Improving Your Web Portal

If you plan on conquering the digital space, you should be ready to create a fool-proof, systematic program for the design and development of your web portal. Here are some important steps to take when improving your site: Know your baseline. To know what direction to head towards, you must know first where you are. […]

Corporate Brand Development: The 3 Essential Questions to Ask

Corporate brand development is a critical task that any new organization needs to conquer. As this stage will greatly determine the direction of marketing campaigns, networking efforts, and organizational development, a significant amount of efforts and resources must go towards solid conceptualization. Here, we discuss the three fundamental questions that a business must ask itself, […]