Building is only the first part

Coming up with a beautifully rendered, dynamic, cohesive website with easy-to-access content is only the first step. As time passes, all things become dated, and new, unique, relevant information will serve as the draw that will keep traffic flowing into your site – and traffic is the lifeblood of any site on the web, because views matter.

Monitoring your site’s performance is the vital next step that cinches the deal. You have to understand your audience and how they engage with your website. At, we provide a full spectrum of services that helps you capture their attention and keep it.

Your rank, credibility, and visibility are all factors that need to be maintained in order to strengthen the integrity of your brand.

Zeitgeist: A world in flux

The world changes and so too does the World Wide Web – it reflects the mood of the moment, the culture, the market movements. Nothing is perpetually current. Nothing remains relevant forever.

Your brand changes too, either boldly or perhaps in much subtler ways as you settle into your identity and reflect on your customers – their needs and the sort of relationship you want to build with them.

Building relationships, keeping their trust

Your name should be synonymous with relevance and trust. Gaining attention isn’t enough when it comes to building your brand. The strength of people’s trust will carry you to the point of being deemed an authority in your industry. When you become relevant, your site will become a destination. People will come.

But views alone don’t count unless conversion happens.

We’ll help you pick out the right metrics so that the information you glean from your site is relevant to your goal. What are the pages in your website that garner the most visits? Are your calls to action working? How are users behaving on your landing pages? How are they reacting to the design of your site? We’ll sift through the information for you and make it simple, easy, fast.

It doesn’t matter what type of website you’re looking launch or customer relationship you’re aiming to build.

Here at GBX Digital we’ll make it happen.