Age of the internet

In the age of the Internet where everything is being copied and commoditized, the most successful companies remain those who have an identifiable, trustworthy brand. Whether we’re working with existing corporations or newly formed companies, we start by getting to know your company and the competitive landscape in which you operate. By clearly defining what your customers are seeing, we determine what opportunities there are for distinguishing your brand. Creating a successful brand requires looking at the customer or client’s experience from origination to the final touch point and determining how to create consistency and clarity throughout. Once that has been established, understanding the strategic goals for each piece allows us to create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing materials and build brand recognition. GBX Digital has extensive experience in creating cohesive corporate identity systems, as part of our creative services, setting the foundation for which companies can tell their stories consistently and effectively. Our creative services agency, along with our partners, consistently and accurately convey core messaging in a variety of applications, thereby establishing brand consistency, building credibility and recognition across all forms of media.

Hey look at me

Brand development is crucial in today’s world, where the fight to get noticed amidst the global marketplace is getting tougher and more competitive. Magazines are thicker not because of content but because of ads; television is saturated with commercials and infomercials that present a hundred different versions of the same product. The Internet is teeming with websites that constantly advertise, and compete for the top spots in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you have a product or service and you want to reach a specific target audience, you must partner with the experts who understand how brand development and corporate branding works. They need to be experts at creating strategically designed materials. GBX Digital will enable you to connect with your consumers and propel your products and services to the forefront of consumer consciousness and communicate your core message.

Researching for value

Brand development is the process of creating, maintaining and improving the performance of a product or service through a variety of advertising or promotional campaigns. It is the process of establishing and securing your product’s spot in the crowded marketplace through delivery of a core message, which connects to the consumer and resonates a positive association.

Through our proven time-tested client information gathering process and over 15 years of successful business relationships, we know how important it is to understand our customers. We work with the key members of your company so that your brand’s core values are delivered concisely and consistently. Research is also a crucial component to any successful brand development campaign and a very important element of corporate branding strategies. This is why we conduct extensive studies on key factors such as your brand’s core values, its strengths and weaknesses, its target market demographic and most importantly, its competition. Through all this, we are able to pinpoint the areas that need to be improved upon to ensure that the brand communicates accurately to the target audience. We at GBX Digital, using our topnotch branding strategies, are with you from brand conceptualization to circulation, helping your brand consistently convey an identifiable and trustworthy presence, thus elevating and distinguishing your company and brand above the competition’s.

We deliver

GBX Digital is known to deliver constant, cohesive and accurate marketing tools as part of our corporate branding strategies throughout the entire brand development process. Whether it’s creating visual assets or formulating promotional strategies, we make sure that the client’s corporate branding is strategically launched and promoted across all forms of media, effectively reaching its intended audience. Additionally, GBX Digital understands that the global marketplace is constantly changing. This is why our branding strategies are clear, concise and capture the core essence and uniqueness of a company or product. Our campaigns are always crafted to withstand the test of time.