Secure, secure, secure

A robust and responsive digital communications system free from web vulnerabilities: This is what GBX Digital promises each of our clients.

Experience tells us that to succeed in today’s business climate, companies need a digital platform that is up 24/7, guarantees the security of sensitive business and stakeholder information, and deploys data quickly, accurately, and efficiently. As your partner, we will help you build an infrastructure with these capabilities.

Test, test, test

Over the years, we have developed a fool-proof strategy that encompasses comprehensive and regular network and software audit, regular patch management, and vulnerability assessment. Our tried-and-tested approach covers switches, printers, routers, and servers, among other network devices, as well as your applications. Aside from examining the condition of your hardware and software, we also look at the status of your Cloud-based operations.

To accomplish these tasks, we have invested in advanced and integrated security solutions that provide real-time view of the vulnerability status of your entire platform. They allow us to detect all weak points in your infrastructure that may become the target of virus or spyware attacks, preventing harm from entering your system. They also update us promptly about potential issues and allow us to automatically download tools to address these pitfalls.

Our web security solutions are designed to adapt to the internal and external demands of growing businesses, especially in the context of market expansion and globalization. They can be scaled according to your organization’s needs, but at the same time adhere to compliance requirements. We also make sure to implement the most cost-effective way to secure your network, letting you make the most out of your company resources.

Work with the best

Best of all, we maintain a pool of competent and hardworking network administrators, IT engineers, and support professionals. Equipped with top-of-the-line technology and possessing a genuine concern for your business as well as a strategic and proactive approach to security management, they will be your reliable partner in addressing web vulnerabilities and other network security threats. With their help, managing your system while boosting your productivity will be one smooth ride.

Give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can grow together!