Email Marketing

Email continues to be a top channel for promoting one’s brand in today’s ever-growing market. To effectively reach your customers through this medium, it is important to have a robust email marketing strategy, powerful material, and efficient monitoring.

Here at GBX Digital, we are prepared to help you navigate email marketing – from conceptualization to implementation. Backed by top notch people in the industry as well as the latest technologies, we will make sure that your message gets across.

Compelling design

In the era of smart devices and marketing campaigns based on compelling visuals, businesses need their emails to stand out in one’s inbox. Towards this end, our team of immensely talented professional designers can craft truly eye-catching layouts that reflect your brand identity, and that look great on any gadget.

Meaningful and relevant content

We will work closely with you to develop email whose content will appeal to your reader, because it is meaningful, relevant, and useful. We are unafraid to experiment, and we devote resources to truly know your audience and discover what they want. More importantly, we create the message that will spur your customers to action.

Efficient execution

We do email marketing efficiently. Our automation efforts promote maximum exposure for your email, while proper targeting and contact management ensure that we reach the right inbox. We will also help you grow your email database through techniques we have honed over our many years in business.

Real-time performance tracking

We rely on an evidence-based approach to email marketing. We closely monitor every email’s performance in the real-time and analyze web metrics, which will allow us to make informed decisions. For example, we check whether it gets opened and shared, and by whom. We look at the sites your customers visit, to give us insights about their interests. And we assign values to consumer action, enabling monetization of all elements of the campaign. For these tasks, we utilize a proprietary software and employ a team of analytical professionals.

Give us a call today to learn how GBX Digital can help your brand plan, launch, and execute an email marketing strategy that delivers.