The Intricacies of Data Gathering and Time Management

Gathering data is key to understanding your business. Without proper data, then the path towards success is veiled and will prove difficult to tread, riddled with potholes waiting for the uninitiated, unready, uninformed.  There’s no need to go groping around in the dark, making decisions based on unverified assumptions when knowledge can be gleaned easily, and with targeted intent, by using the right tools.  Running a business is difficult and takes effort and the proper management of resources. To keep a business running smoothly requires constant supervision to ensure that everything is working properly. Make the most of your data through understanding what each metric means and what it stands for in terms of traffic, conversion and ROI.  Generate online market reports easily and within minutes. Ensure that your knowledge of how your business is performing is up-to-date by scheduling report generation as often as you think is necessary.  You don’t have to constantly waste time and lose sleep thinking over every little detail and aspect of your business. With proper report generation and analytics, you can leverage the technology available in order to help you streamline the process and make the most of your money, your time, and your resources.

Ensuring Flexibility and Adaptability with Informed Decision-Making

The market now is volatile, perhaps even capricious at times, and part and parcel of maintaining a successful business is keeping informed of the ever-changing flow of the market and its demands. Adaptability and flexibility are tantamount and can spell the difference between the success and failure of your venture.  Optimize your decision-making process and strategies with real-time information that can help you tailor your business to keep up with ever changing industry standards and customer needs.  What are you doing correctly? Can it be improved upon? If so, then in what way? What is it among your campaigns that need work? What needs to be scrapped and changed completely?  You can restructure your business process to optimize traffic conversion, armed with the proper tools and knowledge that will guide you to make the right decisions. Here at GBX Digital, we’ll show you how.

A New Feature of Reporting from Google Adwords:

Smart Goals are configured at the view level. Smart Goals uses machine learning to examine dozens of signals about your website visits to determine which of those are most likely to result in a conversion. Each visit is assigned a score, with the “best” visits being translated into Smart Goals. Some examples of the signals included in the Smart Goals model are Session duration, Pages per session, Location, Device and Browser. (Remarketing Smart Lists use a similar machine learning model to identify your best users.)

To determine the best visits, Smart Goals establishes a threshold by selecting approximately the top 5% of the traffic to your site coming from AdWords. Once that threshold is set, Smart Goals applies it to all your website visits, including traffic from channels other than AdWords. After enabling Smart Goals in Analytics, they can be imported into AdWords.

Benefits of importing Google Analytics goals: Gives Conversion Optimizer access to data that helps optimize bids, potentially increasing conversions and lowering costs.