The Importance of the Right Kind of Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website, without it, your platform dies and your business suffers. Useless traffic is just as bad as no traffic. You spend money to keep your website at the top of search engines, you vie for interest from visitors with up-to-date and relevant content in order to encourage clicks, but if no conversion occurs, then there is no return on your investment. This is where optimization comes in.

According to Econsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. This is most likely why, according to Google, the number of people using the keywords “conversion rate optimization” has reached heights unseen before.

The right kind of traffic leads to a better chance of conversion but simply having a call to action page is not nearly enough to ensure customer response. You have to know your customers, their intent, their likes and dislikes, and respond accordingly.

Fostering Conversations: Knowing Your Customer

What does your customer want? What do they need? What do they pay the most attention to and what is it that they are most likely to avoid? You can gauge your site’s performance using key performance indicators and in turn respond in a way that will help you foster a conversation with your potential customers.

With CRO you will be privy to how your website operates, how it interacts with your traffic, the rate of conversion, and how it can be improved. Conversion is about knowing your customer intimately, knowing their needs, and being able to respond to those needs appropriately.

Each customer interacts with your website differently. This is something you should be aware of. With CRO you won’t simply be a passive entity, you’ll actively engage with your visitor, ask them questions about what is it that will take them from simply being traffic to a valued customer.

Numbers don’t lie. According to Venture Beat, the average ROI on CRO tools come to around 223%. Little wonder Forbes reported that on average, companies are spending around $2,000 on CRO tools. They work and if done properly, they work really well.

Testing your Website: Knowing what works

Testing has become integral part of the business process in matters where public opinion is essential to ROI. Movies and television launch test screenings to gauge the population’s reaction and adjust accordingly to suit the majority’s taste in order to further bring up the likelihood of success. This too can be done for your website. Here’s how: A/B Testing.

You have your website constructed, there is traffic, you have data on how your niche market reacts to you. Now you can go about targeting areas of your site to change in order to increase the likelihood of conversion.

With A/B Testing, we can help you further optimize this possibility by creating two variants of your webpage – it doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, just specific things such as two versions of your headlines, your calls to action, your landing pages, media mentions, images, awards and citations and the like. We chose which ones to test based on data already on hand, picking out the ones that need to be targeted the most.

Upon launching the test, two versions will become live to similar visitors. Their reactions will be gauged and through these interactions and the data it provides, you can glean which version is the most likely to help you succeed. Based on the data, GBX Digital will help you reboot and tinker with your site to make it the best possible version it can be.