Social Media


Here are the facts:

The Internet has roughly around 3.17 billion users and about a third of that number, around 2.3 billion, are actively engaged in social media. Since 2015, social media users have risen to 176 million.

Every day, one million new active mobile social media users are being to that number – that’s 12 people per second.

With the steep growth incline shown by the sector, a business serious about succeeding cannot afford to ignore the potential of such a platform. You cannot let yourself be left behind. However, making the most of social media isn’t just about posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or SnapChat… it’s about a sustained, customized, consistent campaign that engages your current customers and facilitates a conversation between you and the people who need what you have to offer.


Using What Works: Boost your Business by Building Bridges of Interaction

It’s no secret that having an online presence helps to boost your business but being a success doesn’t end there. Social media provides new ways and means to get your message across and your name known, and the word is out there.

In 2015, social media networks earned around $8.3 billion in advertising. In fact, during that year, 38% of organizations said they planned to use over 20% of their allotted total advertising budget on social media, up a significant 13% from the figure the year before.

Why are businesses so keen on using social media? It’s simple. Social media has become integral in people’s lives. Social media is pervasive. It makes client interaction easier and extends your reach more than you can even imagine. Even the people who don’t engage in any form of social media interaction know at least one person who does.

So when you engage in social media, you’re building bridges of interaction and you make it easier for people who like your service or your product to share their satisfaction thus influencing others to try it out. If there’s one thing meme theory has thought us, it is that knowledge and information are alive and can be transmitted from person to person so very easily.

Viral content, content that has exploded and earned a life of its own through sharing, has the power to change the world, change views, change lives. Social media offers a platform for such content. Do not lose out on such a huge opportunity to make yourself known.