How do I track my investment?

In today’s business climate, it’s not enough that you have the right message. You also need to find the right channels for getting this message across. To be able to do this, you must have the tools for measuring channel ROI.

GBX Digital has mastered this task, and understands what is at stake. We know that every dollar invested towards marketing counts, and that you want to spend your budget on channels that perform for your brand. We know that how consumers behave in every channel matters, and will ultimately show in your bottom line.

We have consumer behavior cornered.

In delivering this service, we are bound by our commitment to helping our clients thoroughly understand consumer behavior in the digital space. Towards this goal, we search for tools that turn behaviors into measurable variables, integrating them in formulas that reflect your marketing goals.

We have surveyed the industry far and wide for the best solutions when it comes to lead tracking, and analyzing the digital footprint of your page visitors. We can show you where they come from, and what they are like.We can tell if they were led to your page via organic search, or via paid search. We can record what they click on and what they do not click on, what they download, what they share with others and how. We even note what they do once they exit your website, and on your behalf, determine why they are leaving. In short, we can give you a complete picture of every user’s experience on your digital assets.

Not just the numbers, but the WHY behind the numbers.

We will then draw meaningful and actionable insights from the analysis, and help you plan and execute evidence-based campaigns. For this purpose, we maintain a pool of professionals in site development. They can ensure the proper setup, design, and coding of all your online platforms, so that you can achieve significant and sustainable lead conversion, and boost customer engagement.

Give GBX Digital a call today, and together, we will navigate the tricky task of measuring channel ROI amid today’s fast-changing digital landscape. With GBX Digital on your side, you are set to win this game.