Need a Grant to help you advertise

Are you a nonprofit? Marketing most likely ranks low in your list of budgetary priorities. Thankfully, tools now abound for spreading your message at a greater scale and at lower costs than ever before.

The Google Adwords service is one such tool. Google Adwords allows nonprofits to post text-based ads that will be visible on the search results of Google – the world’s top search engine – when users type in related keywords. Through proper management of an Adwords campaign, you can find a great way to communicate your nonprofit’s advocacy. Once approved you start with a $10,000 monthly grant. In time, with proper campaign management, you might also be able to qualify for $40,000 USD grant of Google AdWords advertising.

Superior ad management

At GBX Digital, our team of marketing experts have mastered the art and science of determining when and where to post your Google Adwords, which users to target, and how much budget to allocate. This is a challenge especially with the cost-per-click (CPC) cap of $2.00 USD.

We have the best solutions to get you started, and we constantly find ways to make sure our clients’ campaigns are cost-efficient and well-targeted. Towards this end, we take pains to find the best keywords, and craft the three-liner that will capture the viewers’ attention. We produce copy that caters to different types of audience – donors, volunteers, and recipients, among others. We plan our campaigns knowing mobile access is growing by the day, and we make it easy for your stakeholders to share content about your organization with the touch of a button.

In order to gauge your ads’ performance, we have established a good set of parameters for monitoring: High click-through rate, compliance with the guidelines of the program, and meaningful conversion. Because we like our campaigns to be sharp, we also closely look at what queries make your ads appear, and check out how much of the traffic is relevant to our campaign.

With all these measures in place, we hope that your nonprofit will benefit from the increased exposure, which could yield sign-ups for volunteers, pledges, and outright donations.

Talk to us today to learn how your nonprofit can take advantage of the Google Adwords Grants.