Social Media and Marketing: Factors to Consider When Using Social Logins for Websites

These days, social media platforms continue to enjoy active engagement among billions of users across the globe, making it beneficial for companies to integrate them with their other digital marketing efforts. Many company websites now include buttons leading to the company’s social media accounts, while their content would present options for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, […]

Insuring your Name: A Reputation Management Guide for Insurance Professionals

Managing risks, protecting against losses. These are tasks the insurance profession are supposed to do better than the average Joe. And there is perhaps no better opportunity to demonstrate this expertise than when facing the threats that mark the age of digital marketing. In this age, we are introduced to tools that offer unparalleled speed, […]

Coke Removes CMO Role: What it Means for the Digital Marketing Landscape (Part 2)

With the developments over at the Coca-Cola headquarters, the marketing world is abuzz with discussions on how a move to do away with a CMO by a global giant will impact on the industry. As argued in the previous blog, this news is supposed to reflect the realities that business organizations big and small must […]

Coke Removes CMO Role: What it Means for the Digital Marketing Landscape (Part 1)

This year, one of the biggest digital stories to shock the global business community is the shakeup at corporate giant Coca-Cola Company. For the marketing landscape in particular, Coke made waves when it decided to remove the role of the Chief Marketing Officer, until recently held by marketing legend Marcos de Quinto. As one of […]

4 Don’ts in Social Media Marketing

The past half-decade witnessed how businesses have integrated social media into their marketing strategy. Many have formed routines, some of which are effective, some, not so. This article discusses some of the mistakes social media managers are making: Doing automation wrong. While there are existing automation tools that serve to simplify our tasks, we should […]