4 Don’ts in Social Media Marketing

The past half-decade witnessed how businesses have integrated social media into their marketing strategy. Many have formed routines, some of which are effective, some, not so. This article discusses some of the mistakes social media managers are making: Doing automation wrong. While there are existing automation tools that serve to simplify our tasks, we should […]

4 Steps in Corporate Identity Development

If you have put up a business, among the first things to work on is your corporate identity, where you develop how you would like to be known by your target market. It may not be a smooth journey, but it is the necessary first stage that should guide future marketing actions. This article outlines […]

Going the Extra Mile in Social Media Marketing

Creating pages on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is just the start of the long journey that is social media marketing. If you would like to get ahead of the competition, then you need to take the extra mile. Here are some ways to do it: Educate your customers. Your customers are […]

Lessons in Brand Development: Promoting Yourself as the Ethical Choice

Today, more and more consumers are becoming socially conscious, and are actively looking for ethical options when purchasing products and services. Many businesses have since been responding to the demand, and are now engaging in new brand development and marketing strategies to reflect the changes they have adopted in their production systems. Here are a […]

The Importance of Truth in Brand Development

In business, you want customers who will stick to your brand not because they are blind fanatics, but because they truly believe in what you offer, and trust your name more than they trust the competition. This is why, in the age of alternative facts, promoting truth in brand development has become so much more […]