4 Don’ts in Social Media Marketing

The past half-decade witnessed how businesses have integrated social media into their marketing strategy. Many have formed routines, some of which are effective, some, not so.

This article discusses some of the mistakes social media managers are making:

Doing automation wrong. While there are existing automation tools that serve to simplify our tasks, we should know when and how to use them. We should make sure that automated posts still look timely, and that when there are pressing issues or breaking news relevant to our products and services, we are able to respond accordingly – say, with new hashtags based on trending topics of the day. Today’s customers are perceptive: They might, for example, figure out automation practices if you make such mistakes as posting at exactly the same time each day.

Sounding too formal. Social media is the chance to be a little more casual in your tone, especially when you are directly conversing with a customer. If you speak a little too formally, they might not see the difference in just receiving an email from you, or visiting your website. Every marketing platform is different, and you should be able to adapt, especially by tapping people who understand its language and rules.

Being too self-indulgent. Nobody likes people who keep talking only about themselves, and the same is true for companies. On your social media pages, it is more important to understand what your customers are looking for, which may not always be about you, but is still relevant to your brand. Perhaps a product or service offered by a company that can be your affiliate? Or news on developments about your industry? Or a feature about emerging social issues in the communities where you operate?

Focusing so much on selling. In relation to the previous point, it helps to shift from a sales mode from time to time. Materials should also be informative and entertaining, and not just explicitly asking to buy an item. In the end, customers would be looking for value, and there is a way to offer it besides talking about what you sell.

If you would like to adopt better social media marketing habits, get in touch with us at GBX Digital. We draw from decades of combined experience in conceptualizing and implementing digital marketing solutions, and will be ready to walk you through the arduous but ultimately fulfilling process of social media management.