Website Development: Incorporating Art in Web Design

In website design, and in managing any digital marketing platform, the goal of a business should be to offer something original and distinct to their target market. One way to achieve this is by being deliberate in incorporating art in website development.

Here are some artistic ideas to consider when designing a company website:

Go for bold color combinations. These days, minimalism is all the rage when it comes to site design, and it features neutral colors and minimal use of design elements. A minimalist website does look very modern and on trend, but a company adopting this aesthetic also faces the risk of looking just like every other site out there. To stand out, businesses may want to consider opting for bold combinations, featuring bright colors that will surely leave an impression on every page visitor. Canary yellow and emerald green, or bright pink and aqua perhaps? As long as they do go well together and facilitate readability, the resulting look will work, and even better, be memorable.

Unique photos. Purchasing stock photos to put on one’s website can be a very tempting idea, especially for businesses with limited resources for photoshoots. However, original photos – of products, of company activities, and of the lifestyle being sold by the business – can send very powerful messages regarding the company. It shows that it cares about its image, wants to be perceived as professional, and has access to the right talent. The key here is to style photos according to the brand’s preferred visual aesthetic, in locations that can be readily associated with the business, then post-process with a filter that can be established as the company’s trademark look.

Sketches and paintings. The banner, the clickable icons and buttons on the menu, and the page background can all feature unique sketches and paintings by commissioned artists. Instead of using such phrases as “Our People,” or “Contact Us,” for example, the website can feature a very hip line art of a group of people, or a mobile phone, respectively. And instead of downloading the logos of the top social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, among others) for the social sharing dashboard, a hand-drawn image can be displayed.

Video and animation. Moving images are also a refreshing addition that will make a website stand out. Again, the key is to produce original material for the brand – the kind that’s crafted around the company’s marketing message and its target market, but is short and crisp. Videos and animations can be used as a featured material, or as background that adds drama to the page.

To create an artful, fresh-looking website, it is important to partner with a team of professionals who possess the training and experience in visual communications and graphic design, as well as the technical skills needed for website development. GBX Digital of New York maintains such a team, and they have since helped countless businesses conquer the digital landscape through unique and powerful marketing materials. Visit today to learn more.